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When using thin-walled material, you have limited options available for creating a threaded connection. When using an insert nut, weld nut or welded boss, the strength of the material is affected and increases the chance of a weakened connection. Flowdrill is the solution to this common problem. Flowdrill creates a strong, reliable and repeatable connection using the parent with miniman/no waste.

The first idea for using frictional heat to form a hole was developed in France in 1923. Unfortunately, the right raw materials and machinery to produce friction drills did not yet exist. Through technical development and inventiveness, the friction drill was first developed and commercialised by Flowdrill in 1980.

Our product is used by thousands of customers in more than fifty countries worldwide. We produce our Flowdrill in-house, using our advanced technical knowledge and fully automated machines to assure the highest quality products.

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Flow Drill

Friction drilling what is it?

Friction drilling, Form drilling or Flow drilling is a manufacturing method which uses the original parent material to locally increase material thickness, which can then be used to create a threaded connection by using a roll form tap.

How does friction drilling works?

The friction drill meets the material using relatively high axial pressure and rotational speed. As the friction drill pushes into the material, some of the displaced material forms a collar around the upper surface of the workpiece. The rest of the

How is the process a suitable alternative to rivet nuts, welded nuts and threaded inserts?

No slipping/spinning | Formed bush is remarkably strong when threaded | A high torque with high pull out strength connection | Can be completed blind or in tight profiles, saving time on production | Easy to automate, reducing production times

What is Friction drill tooling by Flowdrill capable of?

Strong threaded connections | Drilling various metals | Drilling 1.0 to 10.0 mm material thickness | Drilling up to 10,000 holes in mild steel & 5,000 holes in stainless steel | Environmentally friendly, no waste, no single fasteners, and recyclable

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